Mac LogoI’ve had an app (ok, it was a full-screen game) hang a few times on me lately, and it’s been quite annoying.  In the Windows world I’d simply hit Ctrl-Alt-Del wherein Task Manager would pop up and I’d kill the process.  This works nine times out of ten, even if the app is full screen and completely frozen.

Well, on OSX there’s a couple ways – and I’m documenting this more for myself than anything.

To bring up the Force Quit dialog hit Command-Option-Esc.  Once there (even if the dialog is hidden) the current app should be selected, so hit Return to “click” the Force Quit button on the dialog, and hit Return again to confirm with the new dialog that pops up.

But there’s an even better way!  By holding down Command-Option-Shift-Esc for two (or more) seconds, the current app is automatically closed; no dialogs, no popups, no guessing.

I haven’t had an opportunity to test either of these with my hung app, but they both work great when the system is responding normally :)