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Browse iPhone Simulator Safari SQLite Databases

SQLiteI recently started doing some iPhone dev with PhoneGap. I’m using the Simulator included with Xcode and the iPhone SDK because it makes debugging faster and easier than an actual iPhone, and also I don’t have an actual iPhone. I do have an iPod Touch, but it’s lacking a lot of the features that make mobile apps cool, so I’m stuck with the Simulator for now. At any rate, I realized quickly that having a facility to browse the Safari-created SQLite databases would simplify my life profusely.


Git LogoI’ve been using Git quite a lot lately for managing my code.  For those of you that don’t know, Git is a version control system, similar to SVN.

Historically, my only real experience with version control was Microsoft VSS (Visual SourceSafe).  But that was back in my Windows days in a corporate environment working for the man.  As an independent developer I’ve realized that I require something similar, even if it is only me that’s working on the project.