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Thai Subtitle Converter

Grinning Gecko LogoIf you’re reading this you probably download Thai subtitles for movies and TV shows from ThaiSubtitle.com. As I discovered a little over a year ago, the character encoding they use is incompatible with VLC and MPlayer OSX Extended on Mac OSX. At the time of the discovery I figured out a way to transcode the subtitle files, but it involved the command-line and a bunch of typing. This annoyed me, so I created an online version that does exactly the same thing, but without having to navigate around in Terminal.

If you make use of this tool, feel free to leave a comment. It’s totally free, and there’s no limitation to how often you use it. Enjoy.

Thai Subtitle Converter | Grinning Gecko Labs

iCal Annoyance

RantI think I’ve been annoyed a lot lately by software. I’m not sure if it’s because of software, or if the software is just aggravating it. Nonetheless, today’s annoyance is brought to you by the letter i and the word Cal.

I just created a multi-day event.  It started at 4pm one day and ended at 4pm, 3 days later. iCal shows this properly in week view (which I’m never in, cuz let’s face it – week view is for cubicle farmers or generally busy people), but in month view it only shows the start day. And googling for this issue pops up all kinds of forum posts where people have the same problem, but none have a resolution (other than turning it into an all-day event, which it’s not, so I won’t).

I just want software to work like it should. Is that so much to ask?


Tower LogoOver the last few weeks I’ve tried out numerous Git UIs under OS X. Nothing even comes close to Tower, which I discovered yesterday. It actually feels like a Mac app, not a hacky port. Just look at these beautiful screenshots (inline comments are mine, not part of the application)…

Tower Screenshot 1
Tower Screenshot 2

Some features that I just love include:

  • List of all Git projects so you don’t have to dig around in Finder or Terminal looking for them. This is especially good since I will often make, say, a WordPress theme the root of my Git repository, but it’ll be nested under ~/htdocs/somedomain.com/wp-content/themes/theme_name.
  • The number of uncommitted files is easily visible from the Dashboard and the desktop (Launcher, Cmd-Tab) icon. This acts as a call-to-action and motivates me.
  • Extremely easy to add new repositories. No command-line required.
  • Easy access to Stash, a fantastic Git command which I didn’t even know about before trying Tower.
  • Pleasing to the eye. Yes, I know, this really shouldn’t be part of the criteria for a developer’s tool… but it is, and I like it.
  • Easy, easy, easy. I’ve learned more about Git just from poking around in the menu options than I did in weeks of looking up “how do I do X” on Google.

Tower is currently beta. I have no affiliation. I also have no idea how much it will cost when it’s released, but compared to the other offerings out there I don’t think they’ll have trouble selling it.

Did OS X 10.6.5 Break Finder?

Mac LogoIs that even right, or should it be OS X.6.5, since the X is obviously the roman numeral for 10, and saying OS X 10 is redundant?

Anywho, I am not a fan of Finder. In fact, it’s been one of the biggest thorns in my side since my “switch” to Mac over a year ago. It is sooo weak compared to Windows Explorer. It ties my hands more than Vista did, and doesn’t even give me jump-through-the-hoop solutions to untie them. But I use it because I have to. So imagine my surprise the other day when some things I’d downloaded weren’t showing up in their download folder. I checked the download history, and it all looked good. I went back to my Finder window that had the folder open in it, and the files just weren’t there. I opened a Terminal and did an ls, and there were the files! Why weren’t they showing up in Finder? So I navigated to a different directory then back again and lo and behold they magically appeared.