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I’ve always been a proponent of standards.  I think this is why deriving my income by implementing and supporting Microsoft products never really sat well with me, and part of the reason that I became a freelance developer – in order to use and support open standards.

Well, today I upgraded my site to a semantic HTML5 theme with some CSS3 coolness.  Tested a-ok in Chrome, Firefox 4.x and Safari… but the ugly stepchild IE8 just doesn’t want to play nice.  Since I’m going to assume you’re reading this site using a good browser, I’ll show you what it would look like if you visited it in IE8:

Hacker Cup

Hacker CupI don’t really know much about this (the page/FAQ is pretty sparse), but it seems cool. And there’s no entry cost. And you can use any environment/programming language to solve the problems. So I signed up for it. I’m sure I won’t make it past Round 1, but it seems like it’ll be fun, and I’ll get to flex my programming muscles. Anyway, stay tuned for updates. And any other programmers (professional or otherwise) that are reading this, you should sign up too.

This means you – Gene, Rob, Gregg, Conan and Chris!

You never know just how good you are until you put it to the test. Also, friendly competition is good for you.

Hacker Cup Facebook Page

Internet Ubiquity

RantWhen I was living in Toronto, Internet was ubiquitous. I was one of the first people in the city (probably the country) to have DSL (1 mb/s). That was around 1998/1999. I was also one of the first people to sign up for HSDPA, paying an exorbitant amount to have fast internet available on my phone (I think I was getting between 1-2 mb/s consistently). That was around 2007. These experiences led me to believe that the Internet was ubiquitous, and that in 2010 we don’t need to worry about not having an Internet connection.

Well, travel 180° around the globe (or to any developing nation really) and things change.


Since I realize I’m going to use this term a lot, I figure I’ll define it for people that don’t know.

PITA = Pain In The Ass

That is all.

Analysis Paralysis

I’ve been thinking about this site for a long time.  Thinking and thinking and thinking.  I experiment, I try some stuff, I play around, but essentially I go nowhere.  I think about how I can make a really cool HTML5/JS intro, about how the theme will eventually look, about the tutorials I will write and oh, the places I’ll go! But nothing really comes of it.

So yesterday while talking to my good friend and fellow developer he gave me a kick in the right direction.

Forget about design for now, just have content.

A sage piece of wisdom.  So in the immediate future I will be focusing on content.  Over time things will evolve.  Some cool animations and other eye candy will appear.  Graphics that don’t look like they were done by a 3-year old using MSPaint will slowly find their way here.  But these things are low priority.  If it’s content you want, it’s content you’ll get.

Welcome to my playground.