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CouchDB CLI on Mac OS X

CouchDB now includes a fancy, pre-compiled OS X app file that you can download.  This works fine, except that the CLI (command-line interface) tools don’t get automatically added to the path.  So, after dragging Apache CouchDB.app to your Applications folder, do the following to get access to the CLI tools.

  1. Open Terminal.
  2. Edit (nano or vi) your .bash_profile.
  3. Add the following to the end of it:
    export PATH=/Applications/Apache\ CouchDB.app/Contents/Resources/couchdbx-core/bin:$PATH

  4. Save the file and exit your editor.
  5. Type source .bash_profile to load the .bash_profile and gain immediate access to the CLI tools.

Once you’ve done this, paths referenced via couchdb -c will be relative to:

/Applications/Apache CouchDB.app/Contents/Resources/couchdbx-core/

Kali Linux on Headless BeagleBone Black via OS X

I recently purchased a BeagleBone Black.  The OS and configuration it ships with is nice and friendly, but I wanted something that I can have real control over.  I went with Ubuntu 13.04 at first, but then I thought about BackTrack, which I quickly realized is now Kali.  And there’s a BBB distribution available.  So after a few days of sleepless nights and lost hair, I present you with my guide to getting Kali Linux working on a headless BeagleBone Black via OS X.

sdxcOne of the first questions I asked myself (and Google) was:  Does the BeagleBone Black support 32 GB microSD cards / SDXC?  I know the SDHC spec says it supports up to 32 GB, but it appears that the 32 GB card I bought is actually SDXC.  At any rate, even though not explicitly stated ANYWHERE (and trust me, I searched), it turns out that the BBB does indeed support 32 GB SDXC cards.  If your 32 GB microSD card isn’t working, it’s likely that there’s a different problem, so read on…

Komodo Edit/IDE Color Scheme Location on OSX

More for me because I have to look this up every time I need it, but if you’re trying to figure out where Komodo Edit (or IDE) stores its color schemes on OSX, it’s in:

`/Users/<username>/Library/Application Support/KomodoEdit/7.1/schemes`


  • `<username>` = your username
  • `KomodoEdit` = `KomodoEdit` or `KomodoIDE` depending on which one you’re using
  • `7.1` = the version you’re using

Also, I’m using a modified version of Solarized Dark (originally from we3geeks) which has better JavaScript color support and a few other tweaks.  To install it, just download the ksf file and drag it into Komodo.

Download Solarized-Dark-Modified