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Easy AJAX with jQuery

I realize that there’s already a lot of tutorials like this out there, but I recently needed to show a friend how to do a unique username check for a registration form via AJAX, so figured I’d share the results as it’s easier than you might think.


Grinning Gecko LogoI finally got around to setting up my labs environment, and the first project I threw together is one I’ve been meaning to for awhile.

I use Google Translate a lot, and find it to be a fantastic service. The problem is that a lot of the translation I do is from English to Thai, and I have no idea what the Thai side says, or if it’s even close to what I’m trying to convey in English. So I inevitably copy the Thai, paste it into the translate box, switch my languages and hit Translate again. This is tedious.

So I created reTranslate. Utilizing The Power of Google it works basically the same as their translation page. Enter a phrase in some language, select your source and target languages and hit Translate. Then when the translation comes through you can hit reTranslate and it will translate the translated text back to the original language.

Canvas First Thoughts

HTML5I hate Flash.

Shockwave was cool when it first came out. And those stickman ninja spy animations were fantastic when Flash was first released. But overall it’s been abused. Whenever I see a Flash nav menu I die a little inside, no matter how fancy it is. So I was super excited when I started reading/hearing about HTML5 Canvas.