FuncardsA good friend of mine just released Funcards, his first iPhone app.

Thrill your infant or toddler with their very own personalized flash cards.

Funcards comes with two sample decks (letters of the English alphabet and numbers from 1-9) but the real magic is in making your own.

Here are some of the features in Funcards:

  • create as many decks of Funcards as you would like. No limit on the number of cards in each deck
  • use photos from your library or take them right from within Funcards using the camera on your device
  • record up to 2 different sounds for each card. For example, you could record the name of the animal and the sound they make, or their name in 2 different languages
  • share your Funcards by e-mail with other users
  • choose whether a deck should be kept in order (like numbers) or shuffled each time it is played
  • specially designed to keep little fingers from accidentally leaving Funcards (you need to touch two buttons at the same time to exit)

And a special quote from the developer himself…

Swiping left and right on my iPhone is one of the first fine motor skills that my boy learned (right after throwing my iPhone against the wall). He was a master of the swipe by the time he was a year old. Now he’s 19 months old and is already able to recognize and say many letters and numbers. We use Funcards to keep our extended family on the tip of his (giant) little brain and are coming up with new ideas for card decks all the time. It’s a blast.

Isn’t fast forwarding your child’s cognitive development worth $1.99? That’s rhetorical. It is. Buy it now!