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Increasing Chrome’s Offline Application Cache Storage Limit

HTML5 Powered with Offline & Storage(or Developing a Cross-Platform HTML5 Offline App – Part 3)

In Part 1 I discussed offline storage limits between the various browsers. Since then, Firefox 4 has come out of beta, IE9 has been released, and numerous other changes in the browser landscape have occurred.

Unfortunately I don’t have access to a Windows Vista/7 box, so I have no idea (in practice) what the IE9 AppCache storage limit is. But I will update this when I’m able to do some testing.  I also don’t really know about Chrome on Android as the only testing I can do is with the emulator, and it seems to crash on me a lot.

There don’t appear to be any changes in Safari or Firefox on the desktop.  However in this article I will outline a method to provide “unlimited” storage in Chrome on the desktop. In a follow-up article I will discuss a method to get around the 10MB limit in Safari on iOS.

View HTTP Headers in Chrome

I had to dig for this one.  Found a few references on the web, but either the location has moved since they were posted or the Windows version differs from the Mac version.  At any rate, to view the HTTP headers in Chrome on Mac do the following:

  1. Open a new tab in Chrome
  2. Hit Command-Option-i to bring up the Developer Tools (it’s important you do this before loading the page or the headers won’t be captured)
  3. Load the page you want to view headers for
  4. Switch to your Developer Tools and select Network from the row of buttons across the top
  5. Click the page you loaded on the left-hand side
  6. Click Headers in the new row of tabs underneath the top buttons

Clearing Chrome’s Offline Application Cache

It took me awhile to find this, so I figured I’d share (these instructions are for Mac – I’m assuming Windows is similar).

PreferencesUnder the HoodContent SettingsAll Cookies and Site Data… → Search for the site → Expand the site → Click Session StorageRemove

Additionally, you might have to clear the regular browser cache as well. I just had a stubborn file that wouldn’t grab the new version until I did this.

PreferencesUnder the HoodClear Browsing Data… → Select Obliterate the following items from: the beginning of time and check Empty the cacheClear Browsing Data