RantI think I’ve been annoyed a lot lately by software. I’m not sure if it’s because of software, or if the software is just aggravating it. Nonetheless, today’s annoyance is brought to you by the letter i and the word Cal.

I just created a multi-day event.  It started at 4pm one day and ended at 4pm, 3 days later. iCal shows this properly in week view (which I’m never in, cuz let’s face it – week view is for cubicle farmers or generally busy people), but in month view it only shows the start day. And googling for this issue pops up all kinds of forum posts where people have the same problem, but none have a resolution (other than turning it into an all-day event, which it’s not, so I won’t).

I just want software to work like it should. Is that so much to ask?