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Update Gmail Contact/Hangout Picture on Android

Recently one of my Gmail contacts changed her picture on Google+.  This change came through immediately in the web version of Gmail, but after days it still hadn’t found its way to the contact on my phone.

It seems that the issue is that Gmail (or Android?) doesn’t consider a Google+ picture change to be a change in the contact itself.  In order to get this to flow down to my phone, I simply edited the Notes field in the Gmail (web) contact.  Within seconds the picture (and Notes field) were updated on my device.

Google:  Please fix this.  I shouldn’t have to “touch” a contact when their G+ picture changes.  It should just flow down to all my Googley devices.

Google Now (Android) Home & Work Locations

google-now-cardsI just moved, and I noticed that all of my Google Now addresses were wrong (i.e. “7 minutes to home” was actually pointing to my old address).  I updated my Google Contact, but it didn’t seem to take.  It turns out you need to go to Google Maps and update it from there.

Click My Places and you should see Home and Work.  Click the downward pointing triangle to the right of each of these, click Edit, and enter your new address.

Google, if you’re listening, this should be more intuitive.  Why don’t those values get pulled from the Google Contact that I’ve identified as me?  Then just propagate those changes outward.