Dynamic Cache Manifest

HTML5In developing an HTML5 offline app, a cache manifest is required in order to tell the app which files to cache.  If a file changes, the manifest file needs to be changed as well.  If a file is added, it needs to be added to the manifest.  During the development process this can be quite a PITA.

Enter the dynamic cache manifest.  Not only does this handle all the file adds/deletes, but it also handles changed files as it generates an MD5 hash of all files which it stores in the manifest file.  So if the hash changes, the manifest changes.


Git LogoI’ve been using Git quite a lot lately for managing my code.  For those of you that don’t know, Git is a version control system, similar to SVN.

Historically, my only real experience with version control was Microsoft VSS (Visual SourceSafe).  But that was back in my Windows days in a corporate environment working for the man.  As an independent developer I’ve realized that I require something similar, even if it is only me that’s working on the project.


Since I realize I’m going to use this term a lot, I figure I’ll define it for people that don’t know.

PITA = Pain In The Ass

That is all.

Analysis Paralysis

I’ve been thinking about this site for a long time.  Thinking and thinking and thinking.  I experiment, I try some stuff, I play around, but essentially I go nowhere.  I think about how I can make a really cool HTML5/JS intro, about how the theme will eventually look, about the tutorials I will write and oh, the places I’ll go! But nothing really comes of it.

So yesterday while talking to my good friend and fellow developer he gave me a kick in the right direction.

Forget about design for now, just have content.

A sage piece of wisdom.  So in the immediate future I will be focusing on content.  Over time things will evolve.  Some cool animations and other eye candy will appear.  Graphics that don’t look like they were done by a 3-year old using MSPaint will slowly find their way here.  But these things are low priority.  If it’s content you want, it’s content you’ll get.

Welcome to my playground.