I’ve always been a proponent of standards.  I think this is why deriving my income by implementing and supporting Microsoft products never really sat well with me, and part of the reason that I became a freelance developer – in order to use and support open standards.

Well, today I upgraded my site to a semantic HTML5 theme with some CSS3 coolness.  Tested a-ok in Chrome, Firefox 4.x and Safari… but the ugly stepchild IE8 just doesn’t want to play nice.  Since I’m going to assume you’re reading this site using a good browser, I’ll show you what it would look like if you visited it in IE8:

Switching to Google CDN

Google-LogoI finally decided to make the switch to Google CDN (Content Delivery Network) for all my labs work. I’d been putting this off for awhile, mostly because I do a lot of local development with a less-than-stable internet connection. But at this point it just makes sense, especially for my lab projects. This way I don’t have to worry about local version management, and it should speed up load times due to browser caching.


Since I realize I’m going to use this term a lot, I figure I’ll define it for people that don’t know.

PITA = Pain In The Ass

That is all.

Analysis Paralysis

I’ve been thinking about this site for a long time.  Thinking and thinking and thinking.  I experiment, I try some stuff, I play around, but essentially I go nowhere.  I think about how I can make a really cool HTML5/JS intro, about how the theme will eventually look, about the tutorials I will write and oh, the places I’ll go! But nothing really comes of it.

So yesterday while talking to my good friend and fellow developer he gave me a kick in the right direction.

Forget about design for now, just have content.

A sage piece of wisdom.  So in the immediate future I will be focusing on content.  Over time things will evolve.  Some cool animations and other eye candy will appear.  Graphics that don’t look like they were done by a 3-year old using MSPaint will slowly find their way here.  But these things are low priority.  If it’s content you want, it’s content you’ll get.

Welcome to my playground.