Clearing Chrome’s Offline Application Cache

It took me awhile to find this, so I figured I’d share (these instructions are for Mac – I’m assuming Windows is similar).

PreferencesUnder the HoodContent SettingsAll Cookies and Site Data… → Search for the site → Expand the site → Click Session StorageRemove

Additionally, you might have to clear the regular browser cache as well. I just had a stubborn file that wouldn’t grab the new version until I did this.

PreferencesUnder the HoodClear Browsing Data… → Select Obliterate the following items from: the beginning of time and check Empty the cacheClear Browsing Data

Force Quit (Kill) a Mac App

Mac LogoI’ve had an app (ok, it was a full-screen game) hang a few times on me lately, and it’s been quite annoying.  In the Windows world I’d simply hit Ctrl-Alt-Del wherein Task Manager would pop up and I’d kill the process.  This works nine times out of ten, even if the app is full screen and completely frozen.

Well, on OSX there’s a couple ways – and I’m documenting this more for myself than anything.

Did OS X 10.6.5 Break Finder?

Mac LogoIs that even right, or should it be OS X.6.5, since the X is obviously the roman numeral for 10, and saying OS X 10 is redundant?

Anywho, I am not a fan of Finder. In fact, it’s been one of the biggest thorns in my side since my “switch” to Mac over a year ago. It is sooo weak compared to Windows Explorer. It ties my hands more than Vista did, and doesn’t even give me jump-through-the-hoop solutions to untie them. But I use it because I have to. So imagine my surprise the other day when some things I’d downloaded weren’t showing up in their download folder. I checked the download history, and it all looked good. I went back to my Finder window that had the folder open in it, and the files just weren’t there. I opened a Terminal and did an ls, and there were the files! Why weren’t they showing up in Finder? So I navigated to a different directory then back again and lo and behold they magically appeared.