Hi.  My name is Garth Gutenberg, and I’m a technoholic.

Grinning Gecko is an experiment of sorts.  For the last few years I’ve been immersing myself in web technologies, specifically JS (lots and lots of JS), HTML5, CSS3 and PHP.  It’s been a fascinating ride, and every time I discover something new I realize how much more there is to learn.

Why Grinning Gecko?  Well, let me break that down…

Why a website?  Because I’m a web developer, and I need somewhere to showcase my talents.  Additionally, I need a sandbox that I can play / experiment in.  And since many of those experiments may help others, I decided to make it public.

Why “Grinning Gecko”?  Because geckos are cool as shit, and when looking for domain names virtually every adjective I tried to describe the gecko was already taken.  Also, I really like alliteration, and the initials for Grinning Gecko are the same as the initials for my name.