audio thaiaudio thai has finally been released!

From the audio thai website:

How can audio thai help me learn Thai?

Phonetic systems don’t really work when learning Thai as many sounds in the Thai language don’t exist in English.

audio thai has been designed to allow you to learn Thai, increase your vocabulary and improve your pronunciation by listening to audio files of native Thai speakers.

Only by listening to the audio can you fully understand and learn the true sound, length and tone of the word or syllable.

audio thai is intuitive and easy to use!

  • Over 10,000 words and sentences and growing . . .
  • Full Thai audio playback for every record.
  • Open multiple pop-up windows + multiple copies of audio thai.
  • Create and manage your own favourites library.
  • Get you started lesson plans.
  • A comprehensive categories and classifiers menu.
  • Grammar simply explained with examples + alphabet.
  • Graphical arrows to help reinforce the correct tone.
  • User management and inappropriate content filter for minors.
  • Free minor updates.

Try out audio thai for free!