I’m working on a client’s WordPress site right now who purchased hosting through GoDaddy. I really can’t think of a positive thing to say about them.

Their web UI is horrendous.

I have to google how to do anything in order to navigate my way around step-by-step, cuz I just don’t know what’s an ad (99% of the site) and what’s actually functional (1% of the site).

Once I actually found the management UI virtually every link I click opens a new tab.

And I just selected to do an automatic WordPress installation (as opposed to uploading the files myself, creating the DB manually, etc.) thinking it would save time, but it sat at Creating Database for about 30 mins.

So then I try to create an FTP account. I finally figure out how (thanks google) and create an account, setting the home directory to the root of the domain. So what does GoDaddy do? It sets it to <root>/username. So I edit the account and change it to /, and now it’s sitting at Pending Setup, and apparently this can take up to an hour.


I hate you, GoDaddy.


I finally got the FTP account created and the theme uploaded, and now I find out that GoDaddy takes up to 30 mins to “implement” changes to the .htaccess.

I really hate you, GoDaddy.