I’ve always been a proponent of standards.  I think this is why deriving my income by implementing and supporting Microsoft products never really sat well with me, and part of the reason that I became a freelance developer – in order to use and support open standards.

Well, today I upgraded my site to a semantic HTML5 theme with some CSS3 coolness.  Tested a-ok in Chrome, Firefox 4.x and Safari… but the ugly stepchild IE8 just doesn’t want to play nice.  Since I’m going to assume you’re reading this site using a good browser, I’ll show you what it would look like if you visited it in IE8:

I looked into using IE-CSS3 or CSS3PIE, but even with the three things that those fix, IE still wouldn’t look like what I was going for.  Specifically, all rounded corners have to have the same radius, gradients are limited to a start and an end color, and box shadows are limited to black.  And since I’m violating every one of those restrictions, I have no plans to fix it.  After all, this is my playground.  Technology is not about moving backwards, it’s about moving forwards.  If you’re using IE8 or less to surf the web, it’s time for an upgrade.